Hi there!

If you have come this far, then you must be interesting in hearing the story behind Australian Assignment Help Reviews as well.

This review platform is started with an intention of bringing out the most genuine reviews of hundreds of assignment help companies prevalent in the Australian market. I have been a student myself and have been duped by these so called professional services. In the process I have lost hundreds of dollars. But luckily I didn’t fail in any of the semesters since I always used to finish my assignments somehow and scrape through.

So that’s about me. But why am I doing this?

I am doing it so that others don’t have to burn a hole in their pocket and yet get stranded in the middle. Neither I will be promoting any company nor I will take any commission if you decide to use any assignment help company. My only aim is to share my experience with you all and let you decide for yourself.


I will be going to each of these companies, submit a dummy assignment, actually pay for it and see what does each service offer. Basis my experience and armed with actual screenshots, I will write a detailed review of each website. And based on that review, I will also rate the service.

Word of Caution

Since I will be opening up each review for users’ comments, it is a possibility that fake comments (positive and negative) inundate any company review therefore your personal judgement is warranted before making a decision.