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BestOnlineAssignmentHelp Review (BOAH)

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Overall Rating: 0/5

0/5 is another website we found on the internet that caught our interest. When we went on the ‘services’ section of the page, we saw that it offered a range of services from dissertation writing to providing career suggestions and internships. It went a step ahead from providing assignment help to providing course suggestions and reviews as well.  Our research has been thorough but we could only find a few businesses offering this extensive range of services. It also provides help to students who are looking to get a scholarship or help with their examinations. Most websites that we found only focused on providing help with assignments and homework, not exceeding their services from these two.


After we went through the range of services it offers, we set about to test it on other paramenters namely

  • Pricing
  • Quality
  • Refund Policy
  • Usability

These are the real factors a student judges a service. Let us see how it fates on the parameters:


This is what the student’s first concern is, to get a price that meets the budget and provides enough value for money spent. A student always works on a tight budget; we know how difficult it can be juggling studies with work, hence, it is only right that the student would want to see brilliant results when they are spending hard-earned money. I went ahead and submitted different requests to check the pricing. First, I submitted a request for 70 page dissertation to check the pricing on a fairly larger order than an assignment, the pricing was AUD 12.5 per page. For this order, I was able to get a 20% discount; that is apt for a first-time customer. Then I went ahead and submitted a request for 3-page assignment, I was surprised to get a 15% discount on a small order as well. I talked to the chat executive,  and he assured me that they provide discounts to first-time users so to enroll the user in the system and get them a good experience so they come back again. They also provide 10% cashback to regular customers so to keep the customers happy.

Rating on the scale of 1-10, the rating would be a solid 9.


To check the quality of any service, we must ask its users or ask the company to provide a number of satisfactory samples of work they have delivered till now.  Here are the testimonials we found on their website, but it wasn’t enough to convince us. We went ahead and asked the chat executive to provide us samples of the work they had completed that got good results.


They sent us screenshots of results they had taken for other students that were well-completed. We asked them for more samples and they sent us previews of results with tutor remarks that praised the work.  It was delivered to other students so he could not send us the complete files because of the privacy policy. Great work on that!

After thoroughly clarifying and talking to different chat executives, we got the gist that the work done is brilliant and a customer could ask for as many changes as he/she thinks fit to make the assignment perfect.

Rating on a scale of 1-10, I would rate the quality as being a 9.

Refund Policy

We talked with the company’s executives and clarified as to their stand on refunds. The company told us that they would make reworks on the assignment to satisfy the customer in the starting. Their policy focuses on delivering a perfect solution to the customer no matter how many reworks it takes. After that, if the student still fails in the assignment; they will need some proof of the result and then they will proceed with the refund. The company’s executives told us that they researched through the pain points of users and created a service that stands apart from the rest. That is a fair policy, and they go ahead in mentioning the same in ‘Terms & Conditions’ section of their webpage. As refund policies go, this is as good as it gets.

On a scale of 1-10, I would rate the refund policy as being a 10


The usability of this website is pretty fast and easy. It is made not to bug visitors with heavy data, keeping it clear and simple. There are only a few pages mentioning the points that a student would like to know and they have put the order form on the top of page.


Putting an order and creating an account takes only a minute on this website, making us believe on what the company’s executives told us about working on pain points of the students. All I  had to do was create an order, and the chat executive guided me through the process.

On a scale of 1-10, we would rate the usability as a definite 10 for the smoothness and the guidance provided.

Final Outcome

The final grades we give this website is 9.5/10. The business provides a wide  range of services at a cheaper price than other websites. They are clear and transparent in their process. That is more than what we can say about most websites. If you are a student looking for a one-stop shop for all kinds of help student might need, we suggest you visit this website once.