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We found another talked-about student-help company; MyAssignmentServices. We have to go in depth to differentiate between these websites with generic names. As you know, the names of these websites might confuse you as each one sounds similar to the next one while searching. There are a few parameters we have set to differentiate between these websites on the basis of price, quality, refund policy, and usability. A student is only concerned about these factors; the privacy concern is well understood over the whole industry and each company would guarantee that for their bread and butter.

So, let us begin finding out how good is the website based on

  1. Price,
  2. Quality,
  3. Refund Policy, and
  4. Usability of its products.

Let us see how it fares on each of these:


Let’s begin with our first point of concern, i.e., price. I sent in an assignment for a price quote and a message popped up ‘Our experts are looking into it. We will be with you in a jiffy.’ But the ‘jiffy’ turned into 10 minutes and I still did not get any update. I thought there was an error in the network. So, I went about creating an account where it had an option to login using Facebook or putting in an email account. I put in the email account and a message in red asked me to ‘please enter the email address’. I kept writing in the email address and even refreshed the website, but the message still kept popping up.

Now, I was sure that the website had technical errors.  Finally, I dropped in an email to them by sending in an economics assignment and asking the price for a 1000 words. The quote came as $90, which was too much for any business. The person who I was talking to on email told me that the price is high because of the complexity of assignment. Frankly, it shouldn’t have been this high for a graduate level assignment and too with a reasonable amount of time.

On the scale of 1-10, I rate it as a 5 for being exorbitant and not budget-friendly.


This is a vital point for any student coming to get an assignment done. Some students get their assignments done from experts because they do not have the time to do it themselves but most get it done mainly to get the highest grades. The quality should be excellent to get the grades a student expects. There is no other alternative to this; an assignment should be good enough to achieve a satisfactory result and make up for lesser grades previously. Unlike most companies, the website has offered samples in 9 different subjects. Going through each, I found the assignments well-written but I found that each one of those was based on the simplest of questions that most students would rather not seek help with. It makes no sense.

For example, for the finance samples, there were only basic journal entries and ledgers that were put up; this is the most basic of finance questions asked and it in no way tells us the level of expertise the company has. The law samples did not have a style followed; most universities require AGLC format and some do not pose that requirement. References are required in every assignment and if a website is comfortable enough to post assignment samples without any referencing, it shows us that they are not very adept at doing what they do.

On a scale of 1-10, I would rate the quality as being a meager 4.

Refund Policy

Every student is concerned if the company would be able to provide the quality they want. If the quality promised is not delivered, will the company return the whole amount?

It is a question asked by every student that arrives on a student-help platform. Unlike many companies, the website has a ‘refund policy’ section where it has detailed all the situations where a refund would be initiated. Some of its conditions are:

With us, you can never get a ‘fail’ grade in your assignment, however if you do then we will do a 50 percent cash refund. The reason we cannot refund the full amount is because we pay the writers in advance, so getting the money back from the writer is not possible for us. Instead, we will do a free assignment of the same value if your claim is genuine after verification.’

Why would anyone give his/her assignment again if the first one got them a failed grade? It is not right if only 50 percent is refunded and for the reason that they paid an ‘expert’ to get you a worthless assignment.

There are also a number of statements where no refund will be initiated, which does not make any sense, such as:

  • For any assignment with a deadline of within 72 hours.- Just one question here, many students give out an assignment because they do not have much time and they find it hard to manage. So, why will the assignment amount not to be refunded for a deadline of 72 hours when most students have even lesser time than that?
  • When there is delay in the final delivery of work*** (In such cases, we shall adjust the amount in the next order you place with us) - If a student has a strict deadline, he/she does not have any option but to submit it by then. It makes no sense to get a penalty implied for late submissions and then adjust the amount in the next order. It means you are comfortable with delaying the work which no amount of money could make up for because it is a matter of one’s career.

There are a few other statements that would not sit well with any student.

On a scale of 1-0, I would rate the refund policy as being a lowly 3.


As mentioned in the first point, I found that it was hard enough to get the price quote. No chat popped like other websites where whenever you post an assignment, a chat executive would join you to assist with the requirements. I had to email them to get a response back for the assignment. While I was scrolling through the webpage, various types of notifications kept popping up like ‘MAS11604 delivered’; if an assignment has really been just delivered to someone, why do the company owners want to tell me about it? Of course I believe it is an assignment-help company, I wouldn’t be searching the website if I believed otherwise. These notifications only serve to irritate a student and I found it covering the text I wanted to read on their website.

Most student-help companies look to club the ordering segment into one; this website has gone on to create two different webpages for SOP writing and Resume writing. It would have been much better to club it into one webpage where options exist for different requirements. I found the website to be too splattered across; it could have been built much simpler and easier-to-use.

On a scale of 1-10, I rate usability as being only a 4.


The website could have done a lot to make it more accessible and friendly to students. First of all, a technical team should sit through all the glitches. The website should be made simpler and easier to use; the options are varying and existing on different webpages, which is not good for someone who does not have enough time. The refund policy needs to be rewritten and made friendlier to students. I would not recommend this to any student, unless the student is ready to put in a whole lot of money and risk it over nothing at all.

Overall, I would rate the service as a 4/10. Not so good for to be recommendable.