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From our experience and research we have found out that most assignment-help companies cater to students based in Australia, USA, and the United Kingdom. We have researched and published several reviews on assignment-help services based in Australia and the USA. Now, we are searching for assignment help services based and serving to students in United Kingdom. If you go online, you will find that there are hundreds of such services existing that provide help to students based in the United Kingdom. In our search for prominent services, we found a few that students can seek for help. is one that we got through search on Google. This website mostly caters to students residing in USA and UK.  The tutors and experts it boasts of are based in the United Kingdom, as per the website.

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Like I always do, I am going to rate the website on four parameters namely

  • Pricing
  • Quality
  • Refund Policy, and
  • Usability

Let us see how it fares on each of these:


The pricing per page is GBP 12.5, which is expensive than other websites based in USA and Australia but less so in the United Kingdom. I called up the company and told them that we were doing an online report on assignment-help services and that I am willing to include their name on the list. The customer support representative connected me to Monica, head of operations and services. I asked her why the pricing was GBP 12.5 and how would they be able to attract customers to their website when other services were cheaper than this. She answered that what they offered was a premium service, provided by the topmost experts in the market and that is the reason they offered a higher price than others.

They offer rebates to anyone who would refer students to the business. Also, they allow cashback on each payment a student makes.  The business provides these two specific methods to get some discount on the prices.

Though a bit expensive than the ones in USA and UK, it is one of the cheapest services based in the United Kingdom.

On a scale of 1-10, I would rate the pricing as an 8.


Quality can only be judged by someone who uses the service. I could not go ahead and make any payment to see the quality of it. Monica, who I connected with, was also not willing to share assignments and projects done for other students citing privacy policy. So, I got down doing what I could and getting some perspective on the quality it offers. I went ahead and searched for its reviews online and found many positive ones.  Any company that reflects a number of positive reviews must be offering great quality and when the price is higher than others, it will take brilliant quality to make the students put up a review.

online assignment writing reviews

On a scale of 1-10, the quality it offers is a 9.

Refund Policy

The head of its services confirmed that they are pretty clear and transparent on their refund policy. All they require is the grade sheet or remarks from the tutor and they would initiate the refund on their part, no questions asked. I asked her if they have ever withheld an amount in a situation which they confirmed as only doing so in the case where a student makes major changes to the work and submits it. If that is not the case, all a student has to do is send the grade sheet to the company.

The company stands clear on its refund policies, making us rating the refund policy a complete 10.


As soon as we land on the webpage, we find an option to submit the assignment question and proceed. The website is easy to use and navigate through. You find the number of services it offers right after we scroll down on the webpage. As soon as we created an order, a chat executive pinged and asked me if I would like any help. I replied back and was surprised to find out that those were not automated messages. The customer service rep told me about the offers that were currently available and their details. All in all, it was a pretty good experience to have been guided by someone so courteous and honest in their replies; not to mention prompt.

On a scale of 1-10, i would rate it 10 for its ease in use and proper guidance by their team.

Final Outcome

After calculating on all parameters, the overall rating of it is 9.2/10. If someone is looking to hire topnotch experts for their work, I would surely recommend this website even if the student has to pay a few extra bucks. Services who claim to be the best also ask for a higher price. Try this service, and do let us know of your experience.