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PaperDoers Review (PD)

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I pooled the assignment help services of USA in one lot and tested them one by one. I must say it was surprising to see how many of these services existed catering to the students based in USA alone. Most of the assignment writing services we reviewed earlier were based in Australia and served students worldwide. The services based in USA are expensive than the ones based in Australia, even though the standards of writing are more or less the same. The US dollar is stronger than the Australian one, which is one reason assignment writing services worldwide target the students based in USA.


In my search for assignment writing services that get students what they want, I came across PaperDoers. This one is based in USA and caters mostly to the students based in the same region. As someone who used to get most of their work done in college by such services, all I had to do was DM my juniors in college and ask them which one was trending nowadays. PaperDoers was one name that came up, so here I went with my methods to know more about the service.

Here are the ratings of this service based on

  1. Pricing,
  2. Quality,
  3. Refund Policy, and
  4. Usability

Let us see how it fares on each of these:


Most services in USA set the price range of $15-$18 per page. That is pretty standard for any assignment writing service and they stick to the price range even after haggling. $18 per page gets a bit expensive for the students seeing as they do have to take help frequently and work a job too. This service recognized what other companies weren’t doing right, that is charging a cheap price so that students do not have to think too much before ordering an assignment. It was charged at $12.5 per page, which is pretty cheap for services set in the USA. The service also allows 10% cashback each time a student makes some payment, which could be used to make the next assignment cheaper.

Paper Doers Referral Scheme

It also allows the option of earning $25 as credit by referring a friend, and that can be used as many times someone wants to use it.  This is as sweet a deal you could get online. A regular assignment-help user will be absolutely surprised at the pricing mechanism this website offers.

On a scale of 1-10, they score a perfect 10 for making it as cheap as it can get.


There are only two ways to test the quality of a service; ask for reviews or use the service yourself. Sadly, we couldn’t afford to spend money for the service so we set about to search for reviews and get some samples of the work. We talked to Allen, the head of tutoring team for some samples of the work. He sent us snapshots of assignment rubrics and the solution delivered, the least I can say is that it was written in accordance of that. We searched through reviews of this website online and saw mostly positive ratings. We were satisfied with the responses from Allen, the quality of the samples sent and from the reviews we found on the internet.

On a scale of 1-10, we would rate the quality as being a 9.

paper doers reviews

Refund Policy

This service is clear on the conditions of refund. They have gone ahead and mentioned their refund policy on the home page of its website. It stands them apart from the rest of websites in terms of ethicality and transparency.  They offer unlimited revisions of the work delivered and even offer to make it until the student is satisfied. Also, they boast of having the best refund policy there is. They have mentioned it on the home page that they would refund the whole order if there is a delay of even an hour. Most companies have a set of rules and conditional tick marks that a student has to follow in order to get a refund. As refund policies go, this is frankly one of the best that is on offer.

Paper Doers Refund Policy

On a scale of 1-10, I will rate the refund policy as being a complete 10.


The website is easy to navigate through and offers categorical sections to better understand the extent of its services. The home page has a ‘get a free quote’ box where you can get a quote of the assignment after filling in details. It has also mentioned the range of its services through an image right below that box.

Paper Doers Services

After you have clicked on the ‘get a free quote’ bar, it asks you to put your email ID, contact number, and name.  As soon as you do that, an account is created along with your order. It gave me a direct quote on the number of pages I selected and asked me to pay for it. There is a chat box present on the website where I asked if it would be delivered within 8 hours, the chat executive asked to wait for a minute and then confirmed the order. The use of this website is pretty easy and there are chat executives present to guide you if there is any query.

On a scale of 1-10, I would rate it 8 for being simplistic and not putting unwarranted pressure on the student.

Final Outcome

Calculating on all parameters, the rating comes out to be 9.2/10

That is really good for any service, much less an assignment help service. We do not find many assignment help companies scoring high on all four parameters.

If you are a student based in the USA, I would recommend this website to students seeking help with their studies. They offer a complete package,  and most of all, offer a cheap price.