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TopAssignmentExperts Review (TAE)

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We land on another help website with a generic name like other assignment help companies. TopAssignmentExperts, as the name suggests, is an assignment help company boasting to have the best experts of each subject. We go into the ‘About Us’ section of the website and go through the range of services it offers. It was created to offer help to students with their homework and assignments.

TAE Assignment Help

The page is simple in design and gets straight to the point of what they are about and the service it offers. The option to submit the assignment is right there on the first view of the page.  The website page is fast and uses minimalist pictures to show the type of services it offers.

We delve deep into the website to know more about

  1. Price,
  2. Quality,
  3. Refund Policy, and
  4. Usability of its products.

Let us see how it fares on each of these:


First things first, I went ahead and submitted the assignment to be done in 750 words. The website is based in USA, so it quoted me $37.5 for 3 pages within a 24 hours deadline. It was $10 per page for a deadline extending more than 24 hours and $12.5 for a deadline under than that. I haggled with the customer service executive and got a 15% discount on that. The price was competitive even without the discount, but discount made it a sweet deal. To test them, I said that I did not have any money to pay for it now. They allowed me to pay half even after providing the discount. That made for a real good deal.

On a scale of 1-10, the pricing would get a definite 8


First-time customers are always apprehensive about the quality they will receive. There is only one way to know the type of quality a company delivers; you can either read reviews of it on the internet or ask for samples of previously did assignments. I couldn’t find the reviews online so I asked them for samples of assignments they had completed before.

The chat executive assured me that the quality will be brilliant and I could ask for changes as many times as I would like. They sent me multiple files covering the assignment questions and answers they completed for other students. A few of them were really well-written, and I could see the tutor’s comments on each of them. That led me to believe the feedback given by the students on its website.

TAE Experts Ratings

On a scale of 1-10, I would rate the quality as being an 8.

Refund Policy

We, as students, are always looking for the best quality at cheapest price. If you have been using help for assignments online, you must have had one terrible experience to share. It can happen to anyone, even after the umpteenth reassurance.  It all comes down to how different assignment-help companies act in this situation. Companies tend to evade this situation and look for loopholes in order to avoid refunding an amount.

When I talked to the chat executive, they told me that only the gradesheet or marksheet would be required as proof and the money will be refunded. This is a step ahead of other companies, where students have to wait for weeks on end and still get rejected for refund. Transparency and Ethics is what is required in this part of the business and only a few companies deliver on this point.

On scale of 1-10, I would rate it 9 for being downright ethical and honest.


The usability of website was pretty easy and was light on the memory. Most websites like to load a whole lot of content on their webpages, but it wasn’t the same with this one. The form had 8 specifications to fill, which then resulted in an automated price. It took around a minute and half to complete the whole process and create an order.

The customer service was courteous and smooth; helped when I entered the wrong details and were honest on how quick they could complete the assignment. That was a turn from other websites where they agree to do whatever time you ask them to and then delay your assignments.

Out of a scale of 1-10, I would rate the usability as being a 9.

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Final Outcome

TopAssignmentExperts fares well on all 4 parameters gaining an average 8.5. Most websites fall short on one category or another but this one doesn’t.  We can advise the use of this website for any help with assignments and experts as this one will go a long way.