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After visiting Transtutors, one would definitely be asking to herself - "so what exactly is Transtutors?"

One cursory look at the home page will reveal that is is trying too hard to be everything. It claims to offer textbook solutions, assignment solutions, tutoring service and assignment help service all at once. Let's see in brief if it comes out good on even single one of them post which we will take a detailed look at assignment help service.

So let's start off with Textbook Solutions first.

Kotler would a ring a bell in anyone's ears who has studied marketing. In-fact it wouldn't be preposterous to call "Kotler" as the "A" of marketing. Therefore anyone who claims to provide textbook solutions ought to have solutions for Kotler. But a simple search on Textbook Solutions exposes the lack of data at the backend. Extremely Bad!

One would experience similar fate in each of the services offered by Transtutors, i.e. Find a tutor or Search For Solutions. Here is a little example -

Did you see that? A search for accounting tutors give you a set of tutors whose specialisation is not accounting but statistics or finance. Pretty Bad!

Therefore having seen the rest of the services that Transtutors has to offer, let's take a detailed look at how good is its Assignment Help Service.

As students seeking assignment help, we are concerned about 3 main things -

  1. Price
  2. Quality
  3. Refund Policy
  4. Usability (hygiene factor)

Every company worth its salt should come out good on these metrics, only then it would be able to help us. So without wasting much time, let's look at how Transtutors fare on them.


Surprisingly, contrary to my belief, Transtutors does score good points on pricing. The assignment that I submitted was quoted at USD 10/Page which is pretty reasonable. In-fact as a first time customer, I was also offered 20% discount. The screenshot below is for 1000 words assignment.

Therefore on pricing, Transtutors does Pretty Good! On a scale of 1-10, it would be rated as 9.


Since there is no way of knowing the quality as a first time customer, I rely on online reviews on sites like Sitejabber. In my experience they are a reasonable way of measuring how a company is doing. So when I look up on Sitejabber for Transtutors, here is what I find.

Transtutors Sitejabber Reviews

Overall rating is 3.4 out of 5 which is neither too bad nor too good. However if we look closely at the distribution of ratings, we find that there are 96 reviews that have given 1 Star. This is close to 37%. Put differently more than 1 student out of 3 (who gives reviews) give a 1 Star Rating!

This would certainly give me jitters. I will not have peace (of mind) whenever I submit a new assignment. Therefore on Quality front, I would put Transtutors as Bad! On a scale of 1-10, I would rate it at 3.

Refund Policy

We students are always short of money; and when we have to cough up huge money for our assignments, we want every penny to come good. Therefore in cases where the quality of assignment is not good, then it is the Refund Policy which we rely on. As students, we would want easy and fast resolution to refunds requests.

Since everyone claims to have easy refund policy, to really gauge the reality, one has to read between the lines. Here is what I found for Transtutors.

Transtutors Refund Policy

There are multiple things to be highlighted here -

  • Transtutors doesn't guarantee good grades and answers are to be taken only as help to understand the concept. This is pretty weird to say the least. If we, as students, are seeking external assignment help, we would want surety of good grades. We would want the solution to be as per the rubric. And if the solution is as per the rubric then it is guaranteed to score good grades. Therefore when Transtutors mentions that it doesn't guarantee good grades and puts this warning under refund, it shows that getting the refund out of them (due to bad grades) would be a tough nut to crack.
  • The time period for no response is kept at 48 hours which doesn't make sense at all. If there are any changes to be done in the assignment, I would want it to be done asap. Keeping the no-response period at 48 hours therefore doesn't make sense.

Hence on the refund policy front, I would rate Transtutors as Bad! And would give 4 out of 10.


Price, Quality and Refund Policy form the golden triangle (of ranking different websites) for students who seek assignment help. Therefore our priority will always be to find a company which comes good on these 3 parameters but ease of using a website doesn't hurt.

So how does Transtutors fair on usability?

Though the assignment submission form is pretty simple (and it is a good thing), there are couple of issues as far as usability is concerned.

  1. The form doesn't capture the word requirement and therefore when the moderators quote for an assignment, they just shoot in the dark. It happened with me. My assignment was to be done in 1000 words whereas they quoted for 500 words. They had to revise the price when I told them the actual word count.
  2. Too many people entered into the conversation for one assignment which left me a bit confused. In my assignment, three managers named Cicilia, Hector and Harman tried to convince me to pay the amount.

Besides the lacunae, Transtutors does score good in one thing; its WhatsApp inspired design. Though the design is not intuitive but it still gives a known environment.


With these points in mind, I would rate Transtutors as Ok! I wouldn't be rating it on a scale since I believe usability doesn't feature very high on the decision making matrix.


Therefore total points for Transtutors comes out to be = 16 (out of 30) giving it an mean rating of just 5.3 which would make it just an average company.

Final Outcome

No doubt, Transtutors does offer a very attractive price to students but its quality spells a doom for students. Coupled with the fact that its refund policy is not customer friendly either, my suggestion is to try them only when there is no one else to help you. If you do choose them it would indeed be a risky affair.